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​Tumbling Class Descriptions

Our Coaching Style Difference >>>
We strive to teach our athletes skills in the safest way possible. With the use of repetitive progressions, (the breaking down of the desired skill into components) we simplify the learning of the skill, creating a more safe condition under which to learn, cutting down the risk of injury. Our class levels listed below shows how we organize and promote our athletes.  

Beginner 3-4 yr olds & Pottytrained (45 Min)  
This  class is designed for the three-year-old who has good listening skills or is at least 36 months old.  We’ll keep a low ratio (6:1) because the child will be on their own out in the gym working at stations and small circuits to further develop fine and gross motor skills.

Beginner 5-7 yr olds 
This class is more skill-oriented. There is more structure with an emphasis on preschool gymnastics., more skilled “themes” such as “Balance Week” and “Cartwheel Week” encourage greater gymnastics development.  They use all the tumbling equipment including Tumble Trak, Double Mini, Trampoline.

Experienced 5-7 yr olds - who have completed Poppers level

Beginner 8-12 yr olds who have never had or had very little time in the tumbling gym.  
This class will introduce the young athlete to the gym etiquette, skill terminology, and beginning skill enhancement progressions.

Ninja Tumbling (Boys)
Beginner Boys 5-7 yrs.
Structured for tumbling with fitness combined for those high energy boys.

Fire Crackers
This is for the more experienced student who has spent a year or so in the gym but has not yet mastered Flip Flops (back handsprings). Must have a great Cartwheel, Good Roundoff, and Handstand on the floor.The young athlete is working on harder progressions on the floor as well as the trampolines.

Advanced Tumbling
This class is for the experienced athlete that has mastered the progressions of a single flip flop the tumbling floor from the trampoline and travel tramp and is beginning the more advanced skills of multiple flip flops and back flips on the floor.

Cheer Tumbling
Combination class to learn cheers, chants, jumps, and tumbling .In a gym that specializes in “power Tumbling”, our cheer classes focus on creating the pure tumbler that any cheer squad would love to have. For those who are working on tumbling for cheerleading. Focus is on Back Handsprings and skills needed for today’s cheerleader.

Tumble 4 Cheer
This class is for those who are or want to be cheerleaders.  The focus is on floor tumbling with goals of back handsprings.  Age 10 +

Acro 4 Dance Intermediate
Must have backbend kickover 

Acro 4 Dance
Ages 8 +
Focus is on flexibility and skills you typically see in dance routines such as Walkovers, Aerials, Chest Rolls etc.

Pre Team
By Invitation only
These students have been evaluated all year long and have shown the skills and attitude that may well be developed to be on a competitive team later on. These students will participate in exhibitions and continue to develop skills needed for Team eligibility.

By Invitation only for competition